Ukraine Arrival Berlin


Each station has its own system. Be sure to read your station’s own information page and also you may join its Telegram channel (current updates are shared there).

Volunteering at a station:

Everyone who has intentions and is willing to help is mostly welcome! In particular, speaking Ukrainian or Russian is most integral. But also if you don’t do so, every helping hand is most appreciated


You must be at least 18 old to volunteer at the stations.



🚌 ZOB Arrival Center

Masurenallee 4, 14057 Berlin → Show on map

Dear Volunteers,

the main staffing ratio at the ZOB is currently very high and volunteer work is no longer necessary in this situation.


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🚎 Südkreuz Arrival Center

Hildegart Knef Platz, 10829 Berlin → Show on map


Bei Fragen oder Anregungen könnt ihr uns täglich in der Zeit von 8:00 bis 10:00 hier im Telegramm erreichen:

If you have any q…

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🚂 Berlin Arrival Support HBF 🚂

Europaplatz 1 → Show on map

Hello dear people, thank you so much for helping! 💚

Register here when you want to help out on Berlin main station - we are a free network of volu…

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🚙 🏠 Housing and Driver Team Berlin

Washingtonplatz, 10557 Berlin → Show on map

🦺 Housing ist das Vermitteln von Geflüchteten in Unterkünfte. Unterkünfte kommen von privaten Gastgeber:innen und von Hotels. An obers…

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👩‍💻 Tech Team

Jeder bei sich zu Hause → Show on map

Bei Fragen bitte an: [email protected]

For questions please contact: [email protected]

Bei Fragen oder Anregungen k…

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