About Us

The volunteer-planner is an open source tool to organize volunteer work in the field where thousands of volunteers are willing to help. The vision was to create a tool to structure work the most easy and efficient way. 

Founded in 2015 we are a network of volunteers started to work at the refugee shelter "Rathaus Wilmersdorf" in Berlin.

After two years of work the shelter closed and we founded a non-profit association called Nachbarschafft e. V. with the focus on working with migrants and integration. 

Nachbarschafft e. V. is the association to carry out all financial and administrative processes.

Now in year 2022 we revived the volunteer-planner to help organize volunteer work on the ground with Ukranian refugees fleeing from the Russian-Ukraine war.


Dorian Cantzen: Co-Founder, Project Management, programming, dorian[ät]volunteer-planner.org

Peter Palmreuter: Co-Founder, Cooperations, Project Management, Devop, programming, peter[ät]volunteer-planner.org

Holger Michel: PR, Networking, Finances,  info[ät]freiwillige-helfen.de

Christoph Meißner: Co-Founder, Head of Codebase, programming, chris[ät]volunteer-planner.org

Mark Wöllert: Co-Founder, Key Account Manager, Onboarding of new organisations and initiatives, mark[ät]volunteer-planner.org